ClickSWITCH CEO Cale Johnston shares his advice for running with the big dogs of finance.


Meet Minne Inno's 2019 Coolest Companies | ClickSWITCH

For Minne Inno's second annual Coolest Companies feature, we decided to focus on company culture. We wanted to know which companies had the best perks, processes, initiatives and campaigns to keep their employees engaged and passionate about their work.


Face Time: How ClickSWITCH CEO Cale Johnston Built a Fin-Tech Startup

The 32-year-old CEO has led Clickswitch through two funding rounds that have brought more than $16 million to the startup, which aims to make it easier for consumers to migrate bank accounts from one institution to another. 


Guaranty Bank & Trust uses account-switching tool to promote new branches

Guaranty Bank & Trust is using new technology to make it easier for potential new customers to switch bank accounts as it expands its branch network.


The tech banks are using to boost deposit growth

With competition for deposits heating up, many small and medium-sized banks are turning to technology to give them an edge. 


Completing the Conversion

More consumers today are digital natives, employing technology in nearly every aspect of their lives and increasingly expecting their banks to do the same. One area that’s ripe for a tech boost is the customer onboarding process. Whether it’s setting up automatic deposits or verifying a new account holder’s identity, technology is helping to streamline what has historically been a very manual set of steps. 


Minnesota’s Top-Funded Saas Companies

Software is among the most profitable startup categories in Minnesota. In the last five years, around $64 million was invested in the state’s SaaS companies across 13 deals, according to PwC’s MoneyTree report.


ClickSWITCH builds new payments system, receives funding

ClickSWITCH provides a white-labeled product that helps new and existing bank customers simplify and automate direct deposits and recurring payments. Banks are excited about this technology because it helps streamline new account set ups.


ClickSwitch raises $13 Million in Series B

Minnesota-based ClickSWITCH is having a big month. A week after making its first-ever appearance on the Finovate stage, the account acquisition solution provider has announced raising $13 million in new funding.


ClickSwitch secures $13 million in second capital-raising in 10 months

The Minneapolis company developed a system for banks to move a person's direct-deposit and bill-payment information in one click. 


Fin-Tech ClickSWITCH Raises $13M in Series B

Minneapolis-based financial-technology startup ClickSWITCH announced Tuesday that it closed on a $13 million round of financing to fuel growth.


Minneapolis fin-tech firm ClickSwitch snaps up $13M

Technology startup ClickSwitch Holdings Inc. has closed on a $13 million financing round, the Minneapolis company said Monday.


Say goodbye to the bank with just a few clicks

Contrary to popular belief, breaking up with a bank doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to the assistance of switch kits.


Meet Minn Inno’s 2019 ‘Inno on Fire’ Winners

So what are the exact qualifications for being on fire? Glad you asked. We sourced nominations from Beat readers and others in the community to find founders and companies that had a banner year. This could include new fundings, exciting partnerships or tireless support for the startup community.


Switching Bank accounts? This Finance App Makes it Easy

Anyone who has ever changed bank accounts knows there can be headaches that come along with the process. That’s what Plymouth resident Cale Johnston thought when he was working at a startup for remote deposits using photos of checks.


This company simplifies bank switching and banks pay for it

For all the advances in banking, the dread of filling out forms to open an account or rerouting automatic payments keeps many longtime retail customers from trying a new bank.


Minneapolis Fintech company makes it easier to move bank accounts around

ClickSWITCH’s technology may force banks to fight harder for the most lucrative customers.


To Grow Deposits, Build on the Onboarding Experience

"Today's busy consumers don't focus on their banking any more than they have to. When you can get them sitting down across from you, that's the time to build up the relationship."


How ClickSWITCH Simplifies Banking, Account Management

“Last year, we saw on the market that 18 million consumers switched their banking account, and this year I would assume it will go up because of the increase of non-traditional players and digital banks that are approaching the market."


The Scary Tricks of Recurring Payment Changes Are No Treat

The process of switching financial institutions tends to be scary for members. If a credit union wants to be a member’s primary financial institution, which most if not all do, updates to the recurring payment process should be easy. Here are some things to consider about recurring payments to avoid spooking your members.


I'm Cale Johnston, The Founder & CEO of ClickSWITCH, And This Is How I Work

Minneapolis-headquartered ClickSWITCH was formed in 2014 as a B2B technology for financial institutions to provide their account holders with an easy way to switch direct deposits and automatic payments.


Here Are MinnE Inno's 2018 Coolest Companies

As Minne Inno sourced nominations for our inaugural Coolest Companies Fest, we discovered that a company is cool as long as its employees love showing up to work every day. And in the Twin Cities’ tech and startup scene, there’s no shortage of really cool companies.


Four Startups Changing the Face of Payments Industry

"While many FinTech companies are trying to find ways to eliminate the need for banks and traditional payment processors, ClickSWITCH is working to improve them instead."


How Digital Transformation Is Shaping Financial Services

Early in 2017, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union rolled out ClickSWITCH. "ClickSWITCH is transforming the business," says Brume. "It totally changes the way we bring new members on board."


Tech company ClickSWITCH to double staff after landing $3.5M

Tech startup ClickSWITCH Holdings Inc., which aims to make it easier for people to move bank accounts from one financial institution to another, will ramp up hiring after closing on $3.5 million in financing.

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FinTech Startup ClickSWITCH Closes $3.5 Million Series A

While delivering sustained value is the best way to hold onto customers, many businesses will deploy switch costs, or fees that a user incurs for switching brands/suppliers/products, to further entice people to stay.


10 Reasons to Switch to TS Bank

At TS Bank we realize that banking is an ever changing industry, and as a community bank we have made it a priority to adapt quickly. Below are 10 different products and services we have invested in to provide you with an overall excellent banking experience.


The Power of the Switch:

Are You Turning Off New Account Holders?

If you’re not obsessing over your switching process, you are overlooking one of the most powerful tools financial institutions can use to improve the success of their acquisition strategy.


ClickSWITCH: Friend or Foe

Transferring accounts has long been considered a cumbersome process. Now with a simple click, the company ClickSWITCH has created an easy system that will allow its users the ability to transfer their accounts from one bank to another.


These Startups Bridge the Digital Divide

The migration to online and mobile has created a conundrum for banks. They have worked hard to sell the convenience of digital channels to the point that they now find themselves in reactive mode — they are waiting for customers to need something.