ClickSWITCH Launches ClickSWITCH Instant, Powering Near Real-Time Direct Deposit Switching

ClickSWITCH Instant - Direct Deposit Automation

Company leverages Robotic Process Automation, adding to its suite of account switching solutions for Financial Institutions and neobanks

 ClickSWITCH, a leading provider of digital financial account switching solutions, today unveiled ClickSWITCH Instant a new product that leverages Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) to deliver near real-time account switching for employers across the United States and Canada. This new solution expands the suite of products ClickSWITCH offers to its client base of over 500 financial institutions and 1,150,000 employers, enabling rapid and secure switching options for millions of consumers.

“As a partner that has enabled millions of account switches for the past six years, we view it as our responsibility to promote and encourage innovation in banking,” said Cale Johnston, Founder, and CEO of ClickSWITCH. “With the addition of ClickSWITCH Instant, we are empowering banks to foster a stronger relationship with their clients and ultimately remove unnecessary and antiquated hurdles that exist in switching bank accounts today.”

ClickSWITCH connects financial institutions of all sizes from credit unions to the top banks in the United States and Canada with small and large employers to simplify the account switching process for consumers. By providing a suite of services ranging from paper-based to electronic options customized to the unique needs of each financial institution and employer, ClickSWITCH makes the account switching process easier, faster and more secure.

“ClickSWITCH is dedicated to providing the most innovative and complete digital products and processes to support the growing needs of our financial institution clients,” said Robert Zwink, Chief Technology Officer at ClickSWITCH. “We continue to look for new ways to leverage technology like RPA to improve efficiency for financial institutions, employers and ultimately consumers to simplify the process of switching bank accounts.”

This news follows the Company’s announcement in late September that it received $2 Million in Series B-1 funding from a USAA subsidiary, bringing its external funding total to more than $21 million. ClickSWITCH Instant is available to financial institutions and neobanks in the United States and Canada today. To request more information, visit