Switch direct deposits, update recurring payments, and more, with ease.

Speed up the switching process even more.

Introducing ClickSWITCH Instant Introducing ClickSWITCH Instant

ClickSWITCH enables your financial institution to…

Make switching to your financial instiution easy

Capture more direct deposits

Rapidly and consistently gain primary account holders

Increase profitability


Direct Deposit Switch Automation

Our innovative direct deposit switching process covers thousands of employers, allowing for near real-time switching.


Switch direct deposits in just a couple of minutes using our automated solution and large employer database.


We adhere to the highest level of security standards for safeguarding confidential customer information.


No more time-consuming paperwork; our fully digital experience is great for your account holders.

Speed up the switching process even more.

ClickSWITCH Instant streamlines the switching experience further by leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) so account holders can switch deposits in just two secure clicks.


Automatic Payment Switch Automation

Our automated approach guides customers through the process of switching recurring payments.


No more paperwork; our fully-digital experience is available to account holders on both desktop and mobile.

Near Real-time

Near real-time switching with this paperless, one-stop-shop, automated solution.


Switch all automatic payments, including monthly bills, mortgage payments, and auto loan payments, in minutes.