Our innovative direct deposit switching process covers thousands of employers, allowing for near real-time switching.


Switch direct deposits in just a couple of minutes using our automated system and large employer database.


Your account holders’ security is our top priority. We adhere to the highest level of security standards for safeguarding confidential account holder information.


No more time-consuming paperwork; our fully digital experience is great for your account holders.

Whether a consumer is moving, getting married, heading off to college, or just wants a change, moving a direct deposit to a new account is a hassle.

ClickSWITCH changes all of that, making the transition speedy and painless with our automated direct deposit switch solution.

We’ve developed the capabilities needed to make switching easy.

Create profitable relationships

Quickly transition your new and existing account holders into profitable primary relationships. After capturing their direct deposit, switching recurring payments becomes easier than ever. Fully engage your new account holders and open the door to cross-selling opportunities.

Access our complete employer database

Our employer database has thousands of employers, and it is growing daily. With ClickSWITCH, you’ll have access to all of these employers, making switching your account holders direct deposits easier than ever.

Configure with multiple, flexible options

ClickSWITCH integrates with over 20 industry leading providers, making switching your account holders easier and more seamless than ever.

Integrate seamlessly with employers

ClickSWITCH integrates directly with all employer frameworks, while keeping the same front-end for your workflow.

Speed up the switching process even more.

ClickSWITCH Instant streamlines the switching experience further by leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) so account holders can switch deposits in just two secure clicks.

Experience a custom interactive reporting dashboard and 24/7 customer support with every ClickSWITCH product.

Interactive Reporting

Our data dashboard provides your team with a detailed breakdown of switch activity.


Report on overall, monthly, and weekly switch volume. Additionally, report on switch activity with options for branch and staff-level breakdowns.


Set data-based goals to improve your direct deposit volume in the market, benchmark your success and compare your performance to peer financial institutions.


Understand what happened, why it happened, and when it might happen again. Our reporting recommends an action based on the forecast to get the most out of your ClickSWITCH experience.

Customer Support

Experience comprehensive support from people who understand your business needs.

Dedicated team

ClickSWITCH provides you with a dedicated implementation and account manager to get you set up for ongoing success.

Unlimited training

Enjoy unlimited access to ClickSWITCH trainings, live events, and explainer documents.

Shape our roadmap

Always innovating, we welcome your input on features your team would like to see implemented.